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Experience the breathtaking series, "The Way Of The Cross", paintings by renowned artist, Ben Stahl (1910-1987). This classic collection, stolen from the original "Museum Of The Cross" (pictured at left) in Sarasota, Florida in 1969, has been preserved electronically for presentation today, in "The Virtual Museum of the Cross".

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Learn more about the history of these paintings and about Ben Stahl.

The Way Of The Cross

Jesus Is Condemned To Death
Jesus Takes Up The Cross
Jesus Falls For the First Time
Jesus Meets His Mother
Simon Carries The Cross
Veronica Wipes The Face Of Jesus
Jesus Falls A Second Time
Jesus Speaks To The Women Of Jerusalem
Jesus Falls The Third Time
Jesus Is Stripped Of His Garments
Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross
Jesus Is Crucified
Jesus Is Taken Down From the Cross
Jesus Is Laid In The Tomb
He Is Risen!

The Inner Gallery

Enjoy more original artworks and drawings by Ben Stahl. Items in the Inner Gallery are available for purchase. Tour the Inner Gallery.

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